Six Things I Learnt From A Cancelled TV Show – Jekyll & Hyde


Unpleasantness will get you into trouble every time

Everybody wants Hyde, and then they resent him when he shows up.

Hyde is the life of the party, the King of Confidence, the always-up-for-mischief grown-up boy. And he’s powerful, and crazy attractive…and no good. Hyde by himself has no purpose other than chaos. He flaunts his strength and spits sarcasm and obscenities, looking for a fight. And he always finds it. It’s always ugly and in the end, when Hyde has lost interest and disappeared into the night, you realize it was never really worth it. Being in unpleasant company, or acting like a jerk, is always meaningless in the end.


Sometimes you can’t afford to think

Hyde’s always been able to do what I can’t. And not just physically. His mind isn’t tangled and confused, like mine.

I am sure we all noticed that Hyde only ‘appears’ when the time for words is over and it’s actions that are needed. Jekyll’s weakness is that he thinks too much. He always considers the consequences before each small step that he takes. This is exhausting and not very efficient. He spends all this time thinking about his feelings for Lilly when he could’ve just told her all about himself and she’d have left him on the spot. He’s a control freak, like most clever people. Thanks to Hyde, we get to see some action in this supposed “fantasy drama action thriller horror” TV series (according to Wikipedia). Can you imagine if he got to spend the whole series in the tormented existential anguish he spends most of his Jekyll moments in? He’d be killed by the end of the intro. Sometimes thinking just plain ruins it, be it an escape from monsters, a good fuck or a weird ‘out there’ suggestion. I wish I could be more like Hyde at times. What fun times those would be.


Monsters come in many shapes and sizes

Sometimes, monsters are hidden inside.

This might be no Doctor Who, where both monsters and heroes are rarely anthropomorphic and almost never human. Still, the series shows very well that not all monsters are evil, just as no human is pure. Time and time again, we are forced to consider that maybe Hyde does have feelings, that there’s method to his madness and that all that really separates him from normal folk is his superiority. Spiderman left us with the whole ‘With great power…’ reasoning, and this one doesn’t only apply to heroes, to supernatural beings or even just to very old and very rich uncles.

Did anyone notice how Hyde’s discoveries and feats actually help Jekyll along? How he never harms anyone Jekyll cares about, and never sides with the ‘bad guys’? Hyde isn’t the enemy. We all have a Hyde inside us. It’s our selfish, ruthless ego that drives us to do things for ourselves, for our own pleasure and enjoyment, but also for our own growth and strength. Our Hyde is the little devil that allows us to skip work and stay in bed when we need the time off; that pushes us to do that one extra rep on the bench press; that urges us to kiss the girl we’ve been nervously smiling at for hours. Hyde is an egocentric, and that’s what makes him so awesome.


A little eye liner and a voice makeover – it’s all you need

Thanks for waking me up. I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

Now that we agree that Hyde is awesome, how do we wake our own Hyde? How do we start feeling invincible and own it with cockiness? Notice what changes when Hyde wakes up – hair all messed up, a bit of eye liner, and that deep villain-y voice. And yes, the slight cocking of the head to one side that makes him constantly look like he has a naughty secret. Smoke and mirrors, nothing substantial. And yet, the difference is striking. You’d never confuse one for the other.

People recommend to ‘fake it till you make it’. How you fake it is up to you. I use a special men’s perfume that makes me feel as sexy as a male stripper, and combine it with some bad-ass hip-hop music on my phone. Some girls I know wear bright red lipstick when they need that extra push to go after when they want. My best friend would put on a fancy suit and sneakers. The moment you do that, your whole demeanour changes (if it doesn’t, you haven’t found your ‘thing’ yet). You feel more energized, you become more decisive, and yes, usually more assertive. Assertive is not rude. It’s the very opposite of rude. Assertiveness is that perpetuum mobile that drives you to strive and achieve, which in turn generates more courage and, you guessed it, makes you more assertive.

So put on that eye liner and lower your voice a little – nobody will care how you did it when you’re finally there.


Fearless is the new sexy

Brainy is the new sexy. – Irene Adler

Irene Adler coined the phrase all of us geeky girls swear by these days. While watching Hyde, however, I realized it was his fearlessness that was making my ovaries explode. Yes, he’s handsome, and strong, and sarcastic and all that, but we’ve seen all of that before. Hyde is like Loki meets the Hulk meets Tony Stark. You can see how bored he is most of the time and how he craves excitement. This is something I never had. I practically never feel bored, so I very rarely have this deep desire to get out there and explore. I guess boredom is a great motivator.

So when Hyde gets bored, and comes up with a plan, and just strolls into a trap simply for the sake of some entertainment, my heart flutters and I am not sure, as Jenna Marbles puts it, whether I want to be on top of him or be him. Intelligence will always come first with me, but hell, a bit of action every once in a while is so, SO welcome!


Bad boys do not finish last

You’ll miss the best bit – everyone is about to get killed.

And now they are cancelling it after only one season. Sure, the cliffhanger is bullshit and most of them should really be dead now, but we had one of the best characters on TV this year. Turns out one freaky bad boy is not enough. It doesn’t help that he’s a talented actor and that the whole cast had a very pleasant wardrobe (and believe me, these things do matter); three siblings fighting crime with a bit of a love triangle somewhere at the back is probably not too popular with the male audience.

But what about the ladies out there? I’d expect they were all like me and had a tiny fangasm whenever Jekyll changed (Into Hyde, that is. Though I’d by no means object to him taking his clothes off more often.) Perhaps the bad boy persona works better on me than on most. Perhaps I’m a closet romantic. Perhaps I’m just horny. I guess I shall never know.

So did I cry when I learnt that the show was discontinued? Not really. Did I record it on my hard drive alongside my favourite shows? Hell yeah! It might not be the smartest, most intriguing show out there, but it sure made me think, drool and write a whole god-damned post about it!



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