eCommerce trends in 2010

The following graph was stollen from

with the idea of using it for preparation for the IELTS Writing part 1. I had to modify it a bit, because I wasn’t sure about some of the basics – country of origin, period of the survey etc. This is what I came up with:


The graph I am about to discuss illustrates eCommerce sales as a percent of total sales in respect to each major sector. It clearly shows the two main areas ā€“ music and video, and electronics, where almost three quarters of all sales are realised online. Other popular choices without a doubt are toys and games, clothing, office supplies, furniture, books and magazines and non merchandise receipts. All of those attract more than 60% of their total sales from customers online. In contrast, some goods are still clearly sold mostly offline, with drugs and health products at the bottom of the chart, scoring less than 9% from online sales as percent of total revenues. In the middle, with around 50% of profits from sales online are items like food, wine, and sporting goods. From these contrasting results we may conclude that eCommerce enjoys a generally positive trend, with low profit rates from some goods such as medicaments, however.


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